Featured Regional Startups

Below are features highlighting entrepreneurs who have chosen to headquarter their startup here in the South Bend – Elkhart region!

Sleep Easy Technology

Sleep Easy Technology helps those needing nightly supplemental oxygen get better quality of sleep by not forcing them to use a nasal cannula at night but get oxygen from their pillow. Learn more at sleepeasy.io.


Juke’s mission is to help musicians earn a livable income. Their web app allows listeners to request songs from a band, tip them using credit card or Apple/Google Pay, and follow them on social media. Learn more at Juke.band.

Aeries Surgical Airway

Aeris Surgical Airway is devoted to ensuring the safety and efficacy of CO2 monitoring during surgical operations. Aeris’ patented device advances the standard of care through its clinically proven nasal and oral airway attachment.


HelloFrom is dedicated to taking the stress out of finding the right greeting card for your loved ones. With shared details about the occasion or individual, HelloFrom and their amazing staff hand-picks the perfect card for you and the folks you love. Learn more at HelloFrom.com.


Adapta helps teachers and students personalize education through adaptive assessments with immediate attribution. This new personalized education makes classroom instruction and learning simpler and more effective. Learn more at adaptaeducation.com.


SAFA automates safety case development processes through using an AI-supported safety case analysis. This allows companies to improve productivity and quickly acquire the insights that their teams need to stay agile. Learn more at safa.ai.