Startup South Bend – Elkhart Pre-Accelerator Cohort Two Graduate, Connor Keaveney of ArrowWay

Cohort Two Graduate: Connor Keaveney, Product Manager
Company: ArrowWay LLC
Contact ArrowWay LLC: Via Email

Describe your company: With the lack of knowledge around properly wrapping your ankle to reduce swelling and reduce healing time, ArrowWay offers the first and only instructional bandages that ensure you wrap your appendage like a professional in order to recover the quickest from a swollen appendage.

What have you learned from the Pre-Accelerator Program? “With a background in chemical engineering, the Pre-Accelerator Program was extremely informative and valuable to me. I learned about the importance of market sizing and how to do it, especially when considering target markets. I learned numerous startup jargon that was helpful for me to understand the industry well. I also learned how to put together a well-refined pitch deck, which will lead to many great strides for ArrowWay going forward.”