Startup South Bend – Elkhart Pre-Accelerator Cohort Graduate, Janet Schwind of Gamechanger

Cohort 1 Graduate: Janet Schwind, Founder
Company: Gamechanger
Contact Gamechanger: Via Email

Describe your company: “Think of it as the Kindle of gameboards or the Xbox of tablets. An ultra-thin fold-able tabletop touchscreen device that lets you play unlimited number and type of games via apps. It brings the best of computer touchscreen technology together with the community gameplay of tabletop board games. It folds in half along a unique hinge for portability and space savings and yet when opened, the surfaces meet so close and seamlessly as to not interrupt the digital graphics of the board. This is possible through the unique hinge design and advanced computer technology that works across multi-surfaces.”

What have you learned from the Pre-Accelerator Program? “The important of narrowing down the focus on the pain points of my audience, the importance of validating my product as a solution to their pain point, where to focus my energies in the process, understanding my market, refining my pitch message. I also gained a mentor which has really encouraged me and provided the boost and guidance I needed to take some tangible steps such as prototype development and product animation development.”