We are Startup South Bend – Elkhart

Maybe you’ve heard the name Startup South Bend – Elkhart (SUSBE) but you’re still unsure exactly what Startup South Bend – Elkhart is.

Who is Startup South Bend – Elkhart?

Let’s start from the beginning.

1. Startup South Bend – Elkhart is a committee of the South Bend Elkhart Regional Partnership (SBERP); which focuses on a long-term systemic approach to advance the Region’s economy by aligning the efforts of various stakeholders.

2. The entrepreneurship committee, Startup South Bend – Elkhart, then formed a partnership with Indianapolis based Elevate Ventures, a private venture development organization, to further the mission of fostering our Region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by stimulating the innovative spirit and culture in our citizens.

3. This partnership allowed the South Bend – Elkhart Region access to capital to invest in early stage high potential startups as well as one-on-one guidance and coaching from our entrepreneur-in-residence. Having a partnership with Elevate Ventures has allowed our Region to move the needle towards a more robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Fun fact, the South Bend – Elkhart Region was the first Region in the state of Indiana to form a partnership with Elevate Ventures, and we continue to be the model for other Region’s throughout the state!

4. Startup South Bend – Elkhart is the connecting point to the South Bend – Elkhart Region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Ultimately, we are here to assist every entrepreneur in finding the right resources, connections and capital through every stage of their startup, from ideation to the growth stage!

Why are we here?

Our Region has a long history of entrepreneurship, from the Studebaker factories to the creation of Alka Seltzer, to a growing number of tech companies that call the South Bend – Elkhart Region home. We are a region of hustlers, makers, doers and dreamers. Our central geographic location and our lower than average cost of living makes the Region a prime spot for entrepreneurs to launch their business.

Startup South Bend – Elkhart realizes to have a thriving ecosystem you cannot survive strictly on location. You need talent, grit and a community that  believes in entrepreneurship and we have that in Startup South Bend – Elkhart. Startup South Bend – Elkhart is lead by a board of nineteen entrepreneurs, community and university leaders focused on listening to entrepreneurs in the Region to meet them where they’re at and where they want to be.

Now what?

We are constantly learning what assets we need to bring, how to engage more Venture Capitalists and how to make South Bend – Elkhart a destination for entrepreneurs. We aren’t interested in being the Midwest’s Silicon Valley or the next Research Triangle. We are positioned to be our own unique environment that equips solopreneurs just as well as high growth potential startups. To truly be an entrepreneurial destination we must lean on all of you- what do you want, what do need, and what’s the next cool idea that we should be focused on? Tell us by tagging @Startup_SBE or using #StartupHustle!