Who Runs the World? Girls.

Women have always been on the forefront of change. Whether its been mythically (Helen of Troy) or historically (Joan of Arc), women have been leading captivating movements that have won wars and won the hearts of many. It only makes sense that women-founded businesses of today have a hand to help foster the girl game changers of tomorrow.

Sometime in the mid 80’s my dad had a bright magenta coding book. Since I was very much an indoor child, I would sit and type in the lines of code. They were lengthy, but at the end an animated design would populate on the screen for a minute or two. Now, having my own website, I have recognized that being able to design an eye-catching page with the backend information to facilitate is powerful knowlege.

Kayte Malik, founder of Dresscode, understands the importance of coding and is working towards solving the lack of females in technology by utilizing the bond between fashion and technology. Dresscode sells bracelets that have computer science code strings that unlock different coding lessons. Future plans include accessories that have lessons in 3D printing, voice technology and other programming languages. Had fun and educational accessories been available 30 years ago, perhaps I would have been interested in pursuing a lucrative career in STEM.

In high school I wore a uniform. It was green and grey and had three yellow bands that went across the left upper arm. A uniform-besides taking the guesswork out of what to wear each morning also created a sense of community and belonging. Olivia Rose Wright, CEO and Creative Director, of Rallier, a New York womenswear brand discovered the importance of uniforms. She found that the lack of a school uniform was keeping approximately 43% of girls in the Kibera slums of Nairobi, Kenya out of school due to a lack of uniform. By collaborating with the non-profit partner, Shining Hope for Communities, for each Rallier piece sold, the brand covers the cost of materials and labor for production of school uniforms. The uniforms are then provided to local schoolgirls to ensure their education. Who knew that a uniform could change the life of a young girl in Africa?

Source: Read the full article in Thrive Global written by Elena Murzello (Registered Nurse, MBA, Actress and author of a book called “The Love List”. An Aquarian with passions for fashion, beauty, travel and food.