Startup Focused on Homeownership Launches Pilot in South Bend

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you’re no stranger to my neighbor INVANTI, a new startup generator focused on recruiting entrepreneurs to solve our city’s toughest problems. In the time since Dustin + Maria came on the pod our team has had the pleasure of telling INVANTI’s story – only confirming my prior conviction that their work is vital to our city’s growth.

John’s new startup Hurry Home (co-founder Jada McLean, recently on the pod), aims to change the way people pursue home ownership – starting right here in #SouthBend. The problem they’re tackling is a big one, and it’s affecting most cities around the country. I talked with John the day after he finished 6 months with INVANTI as they prepare to launch a pilot here in town.

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Watch/listen below:

Article Source: WEST.SB