Don’t wait for an “A-HA!” moment to start building a company that matters.

NVANTI is a Startup Generator in the Midwest – We recruit people who have a record of initiating things, want to start their own venture, but do not have an idea for a company yet. Over the course of six months, we expose them to some of the biggest problems facing Americans today, generate new solutions, and build companies that matter.

We Start with Problems, Not Ideas – We believe strongly that great companies are built by people who deeply understand a problem first. Unlike incubators, accelerators, and investors, we specifically want you to apply before you have an idea for a company. We invest in people we call initiators – those that are constantly starting and trying new things, whether it be a company, a club, or a side project – that have yet to find a business idea that resonates. Given the time, space, network, and access to problems that really affect Americans, we are betting our entrepreneurs can generate new ventures that fix things that matter.

Cohort 2 | Supporting Small Businesses for the Future
July ’18 – December ’18 | South Bend, IN

We are launching our second cohort (learn more about Cohort 1 here) and are looking for our next batch of aspiring entrepreneurs. We will focus on building products and services that better support small business owners in the US. These businesses make up the backbone of our economy and our communities, yet are often not the target of the world of innovation and technology. We are excited to activate a group of aspiring entrepreneurs to tackle issues that small business owners face everyday.

Applications open March 30, 2018 and will be accepted on a rolling basis