Collegiate Entrepreneur Creating Something Special

Since I’ve been 15 years old, entrepreneurship has been a burning passion of mine. After taking an entrepreneurship class in high school, I knew that wherever my career would land me, I wanted to pursue entrepreneurship.

From the highs of reaching sales goals to the lows of muddling through a broken website, I loved the innovation of entrepreneurship and the ability entrepreneurs had to truly shape our world unlike any other. Throughout high school, I created reusable alternatives to paper towels and sandwich bags and sold them online and in craft shows. The experience taught me a plethora of life skills that I continue to use daily throughout my business and college career. 

Currently, I operate a blog, Creative Clever and Classy, with over three million views and sell digital resources for homeschoolers and educators. I handle all sales, marketing, social media, e-mail, product development and content creation and plan to continue my business after college. 

Through the Applied Entrepreneurship Program (AEP), I’ve enjoyed getting to know fellow go-getter entrepreneurs. Seeing peers as energized and motivated about their product or service is exciting and encourages me to work harder in my own business.

One of my other favorite parts of AEP is working with my mentor, Kris Priemer. My business is primarily e-commerce, so having a mentor highly knowledge in the digital world was essential for a success. With Kris’ help, I’ve worked on improving the user experience of my blog site and building an e-commerce website to streamline the process of purchasing products.

Through AEP, I’ve been able to hear stories of great local entrepreneurs taking risks, working hard, and achieving their dreams.

About Applied Entrepreneurship Program:

Applied Entrepreneurship Program is a yearlong program with the mission of meeting students where they are, and moving them forward. College students from regional universities are eligible to apply, with more information about which colleges are involved found here. The application is currently open and accessible by clicking here.

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