Through the Eyes of a Startup Moxie Student

Earlier than the sun, your day has begun. You wake while the darkness still lingers in order to shed light on the possibility of your community.

You wake to speak, to interact, to challenge yourself, and to think critically regarding current issues. You are not alone, yet with your team, dedicated on the same mission you stand with identical values. Values grounded with respect and integrity. You are not simply tasked with identifying problems, yet you are equipped to propose solutions. Real solutions to real problems.

Action is encouraged and supported through a plethora of resources and diverse mentorship. With encouragement to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, students are challenged to step deeper into what they love through what they do not yet know. We are not stepping into a classroom everyday, but instead an experience that prompts action and understanding of real things and ideas that influence everyday life. This experience changes everyday. Hearing real stories, touring real businesses, and creating real startups, all contribute to the genuine experience and atmosphere of the Startup Moxie program.

Apart of the Startup Moxie program. I, among my classmates, have chosen to capitalize on the opportunity before me rather than settling for a generic high school experience. Instead, my Moxie colleagues and I have experienced the grit and vibrant passion of South Bend and beyond. Through this experience comes a flourish of character in each individual involved in Startup Moxie. A flourish of accountability, of leadership, and awareness for ones person self as well as for others. A flourish of character that will reach far further than the yearlong program of Startup Moxie, yet began within the catalyst that is Startup Moxie.

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Startup Moxie is a yearlong program with the mission of transforming the lives of high school students through entrepreneurial thought and immersion. All high school students in St. Joseph County are eligible to participate in the program. The application is currently open and accessible by clicking here.