What stage is your startup?

From a hypothesis you’ve been testing to a full scale business, every stage has it’s unique needs. Select the one that best describes you from the options below.

Select Your Stage


You have an idea for a startup or you are interested in being an entrepreneur.

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You have a defined business model and need to validate it with customers.

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You have an existing customer base and are looking to expand in the market.

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What makes up the ecosystem?

There’s a job to do, and in the South Bend Elkhart Region, a midwestern work ethic is changing the narrative from rusty to ready. Our cities are opening up and working together as a region—universities are engaging beyond their campuses, sharing their brainpower and realizing that they’re bigger and better with the community behind them. Organizations are reaching out to newcomers and helping them build local networks, leveling the playing field. Infrastructure is being creatively adapted to be gathering places where new deals are made, new collisions happen, and new entrepreneurs take root.


You’re a founder, an idea to action kind of person, an inventor, a maker, or something in-between

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People, companies, and organizations who want to help entrepreneurs and their businesses succeed in the South Bend – Elkhart Region

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Leaders ready to put money behind new ideas and transformative innovations

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